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The Perfect Hair Extension Cycle



Healthy hair diagnosis

Your pathway to perfect extensions starts with a pre-extension hair health diagnosis. 


Before application, our digital microscope scans your hair & scalp to assess the condition & suitability for extensions. 


We can look to prescribe any treatments to get your own hair & scalp in the best condition so you can make the most of your extensions.

We will repeat this analysis once your extensions have been removed to see the difference in your hair & scalp and reassure you that no damage has been caused from wearing the extensions.

Our thorough consultations talk you through the extension process and maintenance for Healthy Hair Days.


We will be asking some personal questions about your lifestyle & health to make sure that Gold Class hair extensions are suitable for you & to prescribe the most appropriate hair care products to keep your tresses top of the Class!


Consultations are absolutely free of charge and with no obligation to proceed.



With the flawless application techniques used by trained Gold Class Extensionists; the bonds are gently fused to your own hair into tiny discreet bonds.


Our philosophy is that you should not be able to notice you even have hair extensions to give the most natural looking results.

safe removal

We understand you need to show off your Gold Class hair extensions & so we will prescribe you an accredited aftercare programme specifically for you & your hair.


You will need to commit to the additional maintenance needed to keep your Gold Class extensions in fabulous condition and to minimise any risk of damage to your own hair.


We will prescribe a range of aftercare products suitable for your hair, lifestyle & styling needs and guidance on how to use them.



12 month cycle

We recommend removal of the extensions at 3 to 4 months.  Using the specially formulated removal gel, the extensions simply slide down the hair causing minimal damage and no signs of traction on the hair or scalp as witnessed by a leading Trichologist.


Once all removed, you will be treated to a Spa Mist hair & scalp treatment to revitalise your hair. 


We will also repeat the scalp analysis to show the great condition your hair & scalp are in.


A break from extensions for 1 to 2 weeks is suggested before re-application of pre-bonded hair extensions. 

With Gold Class you can put fabulous extensions down to 4 basic points:
Firstly the raw ingredients have to be great quality and our hair is absolutely the best.


The next step is all about YOU. The hair health diagnosis is more than a consultation you might find at other extension salons. 


The application is a critical step.


Gold Class training is two days of intensive learning and ensures that application is perfect and does not cause damage to the client’s hair & scalp.


Last up is the aftercare and this is not just about the prescribed shampoo & conditioner. This is about how you live your life and tailoring the product and passing on maintenance tips for you to get the most from your Gold Class hair extensions. 

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