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Where Hair Extensions Come to Life®


We want to share with you the secrets of Gold Class hair extensions. This amazing 100% human hair extensions are handpicked and gently processed for expert application to give the ultimate designer label hair.


The finest hair is sourced ethically from Hindu Temples in India and hand picked to ensure the hair extensions are healthy & strong.  Cleansing & processing of the hair into the shades is so gentle to preserve the integrity & quality for show-stopping Gold Class hair.


Hair Quality


Named Gold Class for a reason: starting with sourcing amazing quality virgin Indian Temple hair, before being gently processed by hand to create the finest hair.


To have been selected for Gold Class the hair must be remi where the cuticle layers of the hair all lie in the same direction; so it is tangle-free.  The hair is also double drawn; where the thickness of the strands are the same at the top as they are at the bottom of the extensions; so they are very healthy.  Hair is also free of Henna so the colours are perfect.


Combined with the Gold Class experience & the unique bonding technique; this is where our hair extensions come to life.


Sourcing & Ethicality


Gold Class hair is sourced ethically from Indian Temples where the hair is donated by Hindu pilgrims as part of their ‘tonsuring’ tradition.


This is a very special ritual where the donor selflessly gives up the hair as thanks to their god & to reject vanity by shaving the head.  The temples sell the hair to raise funds for their upkeep & community projects.  Hair is used to also make wigs & filters.


Indian hair is the finest hair quality for us to work with; this is because it has not been chemically treated & its structure is most suitable for European hair.  The processing keeps this integrity.


Having selected hair during this ritual the hair is tied into a ponytail to remain remi.  Other hair sources use brushed hair, collecting the hair that has fallen out during brushing, but this is not remi & will cause tangling.  European & Chinese sourced hair are not compatible with European hair.


Gold Class hair can be traced throughout the process and we are proud of our ethicality.  We urge stylists & consumers to always ask where the hair originates from and how it has been acquired.




Quality is paramount throughout the processing of the hair extensions.  The hair is cleaned before starting a gentle processing to remove the natural colour pigments in the hair, before being able to replace them to create the ultimate base shades.


This osmosis treatment, pioneered for the cashmere industry, is so gentle as not to effect the structure of the hair & create reliably colour-fast extensions.  Such care is taken that some colours may take up to 6 weeks to process.


Hair is secured to guarantee the strands remain remi until it is hand colour blended by skilled artisans to create the full colour range we have available.

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