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Proud To Be Part Of The Hair Team For The M&S Christmas Commercial

We all anticipate the fantastic M&S commercial each Christmas and this year is no exception.

The Art of Christmas advertising campaign by M&S is sensational and this year Blo Bar can proudly say that we were a part of creating it. Big thanks to Darren Fowler35 for getting Blo Bar involved.

100s of hair do’s, hours of shooting time, weeks of rehearsals, days of wig preps and there you have it. A wonderful spectacle of all things Christmas.

An 8-day shoot of perfection by all departments created this yuletide extravaganza.

Alison Dace - ‘I loved every minute of it. It was fast paced, full of great hair action and all coupled with an amazing team of creatives. With London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and this M&S worldwide advertising campaign, has completed a really exciting couple of months for the team at Blo Bar.’

#MS #Christmas

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